Guilhem Pepin

Photo de Guilhem Pépin accoudé sur la rambarde, lisant un livre d’histoire médiévale

A historian on the web

Guilhem Pépin, the manager of Historiweb, is a historian and holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford. He specialises in the history of the “English” period in Medieval Aquitaine (1154-1453) and has a produced a number of academic studies on the subject. He has also organised several international conferences on Medieval history. He worked for many years on The Gascon Rolls Project, a historical research and online publication website. He is interested in all periods of history and in heritage of all sorts and is well-known for his ability to uncover original information during his historical research in archives and libraries. His training, experience and natural curiosity make him a genuine asset in promoting your historical heritage to the full and discovering its hidden secrets.

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